Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soda non toxic Cockroaches Control

If your apartment has Cockroaches ,there are few reason why you should control roaches to the minimum ,and one of the stronger reason is Cockroaches spread disease through infecting our food.

Baking soda and Boric Acid is probably the most well-known method to kill cockroaches. Baking soda mix with sugar is non-toxic to people and pets in small amounts.Anyway, if your house is so big or the Cockroaches is in large amount,it is recommended that you call a local pest control unit to have the problem solve.

Take action before the Cockroaches problems treating your family or workers heath.Study has proof Cockroach Can Raise Asthma.Try your best in fighting this terrible insect.

Any type of pest control treatments will not going to work without proper participle from your side,always keep your house clean and always check if there is a Cockroaches moving around take action immediately before it get into large quantity.
If you encounter Roach at you kitchen or living room,Just buy a bottle of boric acid at your local hardware store or drug store, and then follow the instructions found on the package to apply the proper pest control treatment

It is recommended that you use non toxic solution and you can DIY your very own unique pest control solution for your own use.

There must be a way for us to get rid of this type of pest ,insect problems, and one helpful tips is to uses soda to kill cockroaches,via baking soda resume. To kill roaches with baking soda, just mix equal parts of sugar and baking soda and place on a small paper plate on the floor or under the sink, and then wait. The cockroaches show up for dinner dying for a sweet treat and they leave the dinner – gone!

This next all-natural treatment will execute the yucky creepy crawlers that roach around the house and you might have a little fun, too. Put some soapy water into a empty spray bottle [do not shake], and then when a roach runs into range – blast a couple of soapy streams directly soaking the body of the bug in its tracks.

The soapy water will instantly start attacking the weaknesses of the roach’s body armor, and then killing the roach within a few minutes. Just be sure to scoop up all dead or dying bugs and disposing of the dead bodies in the trash or by throwing them out into the yard.


  1. Pest Control expert6/2/11

    I think gecko is a alternative way to reduce the amount of Cockroaches ,it known to eat a variety of insects, worms and spiders. They will eat just about anything that they find--as long as it’s not dead or too large for them to swallow--including cockroaches. Captive Leopard geckos are usually fed crickets.

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  2. Cockroach controlling is not a very easy task. We can prevent them by keeping our house moist free, and dark free. They live to live in our kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc. Which places provide them water, food, and also shelter. If we can successfully remove them form our house then we can expect a roach free house.

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