Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boric acid Natural Non-Toxic Way Kill Cockroaches

This post talk tbout how to DIY cockroaches toxic to kill cockroaches .Always remember there is pointless for you to crush the eggs , because there are too mam\ny of them,and some you don't even know where they develops anyway,try put some boric acid mixed with milk nestle in the corners of cockroaches passing area,When they eats the mixture and meurrent they automatically seron amd poission ,when they walk back home (cockroach nest)it kill others cockroach at once.

These little living things past 400 million years and has survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and Nagasaki during the second world war ,so good luck to everyone who tried to exterminate them.

It been proven boric acid works well on preventing cockroaches but you must wait at least 48 hours to 3 days.. I also examined each evening with the preparation of fresh ( half boric acid, half sweetened condensed milk, placed on small papers in all corners and at strategic locations). . In addition I added two ultrasonic devices that I found in a hardware store: a large machine (for cooking, which was the site of infestation complete) and a small one in the living room (I was afraid they turn up in the living room, driven out of the kitchen by the device). . Also, I added traps, it is natural, there is a bait in the center and glue around (I also got this from the DIY store). So if I found dozens of dead (or dying) cockroaches ,so it proof that boric acid work on killing cockroaches.

Right now there are lot of anti cockroaches products out there , from time to time you might need to try some of it since the cockroaches will not disappear if we only use own method to kill cockroaches,of course the boric acid is a very low cost solution compared to calling pest control.You will never able to kill them all one for all. . I think it is very important to keep your house clean ,when you see one or two cockroaches on your kitchen you should try your best to capture them ,kill them or put in a glass and put them away from home ,it could possible 1 or 2 cockroaches can add up the population to 1 to 2 hundred within a month.


  1. pEST cONTROL6/2/11

    50% boric acid + 50% + condensed milk and maybe a little flour to manage the consistence in bottle caps have in place strategic and renew when the paste has dried

  2. cockroaches killer6/2/11

    We have to do something in preventing cockroaches
    ,don't wait until they begin overrunning the place.

  3. Anonymous1/8/12

    borax and sweetened condensed milk mix together wait for dry out then place

  4. Anonymous2/9/12

    i eat roaches.

  5. Commit roach genocide with a 'bomb' pesticide. These products should be used only in areas that are quarantined off from human contact because they containa very strong, chemical pesticide that can eliminate a whole room of roaches and eggs. article