Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 Safer Ways To Kill Cockroaches At Home

  Did you know how strong  the cockroaches is? Study shopwn that roaches can live even at the extremly condition,it can sttill alive even for a month without water and three months without food. And,i know you might think it is impossible, roaches can still live for days even without their heads.

  cockroaches  live in places that hard to reach ,such as rooftops, closets, splits, clefts, and cracks. These tiny pest usually inhabit wet and damp areas like kitchens, drains, bathrooms, and repair rooms with sink traps which is hard for us to "uncover"and dertoy them once for all.

Below provide some tips on how to  use a non-toxic approach way to exterminate cockroaches :

Baking Soda and Sugar
Mix baking soda with sugar and leave it in an open container. Locate the container in places where cockroaches have been seen or heard. For instance, near the garbage bin or the sewer. The cockroaches will be lured to the product due to its sweet smell. However, it will die after consumption.

Water, Coffee Grounds, Vaseline, and a Smooth-Sided Jar
Create a trap for broaches to die in it, filling a smooth-sided jar with an inch of water in the bottom and covering the interior sides of the jar . Find a tall and wide jar with a small mouth and fill it up with three quarters of sweetened juice, add something aromatic, like coffee grounds, which can lure the cockroach into the jar and eventually drown it. . Place the jar where roaches frequent. Put a thick layer of petroleum jelly near the inside edge of the jar or the remaining one quarter unfilled by the juice. Next morning you will find that your preys have drowned in their own enjoyment.

Baking Soda, Bacon Grease, Sugar, Flour, and Onions
By mixing these substances, you can create dough-like bait. Similar to how the mixture of baking soda and sugar works, cockroaches will die when consuming it. However, this mixture can be less messy than other powdery mixtures and is more aromatic.

Boric Acid
Check out this post about how Boric acid is an Natural Non-Toxic Way Kill Cockroaches

Regardless of what method a homeowner chooses, clean out traps and install new baits regularly. Moreover, in addition to these methods, you can purchase “green” cockroach repellents in local stores. However, be sure to carefully read the back label of the products.

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