Sunday, March 13, 2011

cockroaches habitat

Before complaining why there are so many cockroaches on your house,we must know what make those cockroaches like your house so much.

cockroaches habitat
Roaches get into the house through open cracks and doors, boxes or bags that sit in the garage before being brought in, or even under kitchen and bathroom sinks. They have the ability to make a home anywhere, making it difficult to narrow down one spot for roach removal.

Most often, roaches come into the house because they are attracted to food scents and they have access to water and other dark hiding places to nest.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Step By Step Kill Roaches With Baking Soda

Baking soda is pure Sodium Bicarbonate.It is the cheapest, simplest, least toxic and most effective roach treatment for your house or office, and it has worked for others people who has Roaches problems.

1.Simply Stir together equal parts of sugar and baking soda.

2.Placing dabs in strategic spots like behind or beneath of Kitchen
appliances closets ,furniture's or near wastebaskets.,etc.

3.Empty pill bottles or wine bottle wedged horizontally into tight spots and plates underneath furniture work well to keep things tidy.

Roaches will gobble up the sugar, and the baking soda gives them gas, messes up their stomachs and ultimately kills them.

If you have pets, limit the mixture to places or containers your pets can't get into because it might make them sick if they eat it.

Baking soda and sugar is an economical solution to get rib of roach and It only takes a cup or so of the mixture to treat a house.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cockroaches Control expert gecko

Any others non toxic,organic way to reduced the population of insect especially cockroaches at your house?Instead of finding pest control unit spending money to get the problems solve,any others cost effective way to solve the pest problems?

If you are not afraid of reptile,you can get yourself a gecko, which is a kind of lizard ,get one at your room or house,(i not suggest you get one at your office) just  let it run free in your house,gecko will eat all the roaches it can handle cause the little fellers just love them as a tasty snack..

I know this might sound terrible for some people,a lizard run freely all over a house, but it does worked.Many people getting amazing results compare to others non toxic way to get rid of roaches. Get a gecko at your local pet store ,again i warmed that it's a kind of lizard,keep away from child, get one and all you have to do is let it loose in the house.

The natural food chain process will do the rest for you, the gecko eats the roaches and there you have it.The non toxic way to kill roaches at home.

The gecko will most likely start to hang out in the open more as the population of roaches dwindles. When they are gone, keep your gecko in an appropriate tank and feed them crickets or others pets food daily, which you can purchase at any pet store.

Geckos need to eat everyday (unlike snakes that can go prolonged periods without food). As mentioned earlier , gecko  might bother some people. So, if you don't like lizards, I suggest another approach to kill those cockroaches like baking soda or use Boric acid , and always remember if you choose gecko, as a  Cockroaches Control ,don't spray the roaches with insecticides. They shouldn't be poisoned when the gecko eats them.

Borax Recipe eliminating Roaches

How to use borax ,sugar,onion to get rid of cockroaches problems?Below is the Recipe that make from all natural resources,it is an non toxic way to reduce the amount of ugly Roaches living in your back yard or kitchen.

Roach Ball Recipe
This been prrof a organic solution for small to meddium houses that had been infested for years.

1 cup borax
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon water

Step 1:Make a paste of the ingredients and roll the paste into little balls.
Step 2:Place two or three balls into a sandwich-size plastic bag and leave the top open.
Step 3:Place the bag anywhere you have a roach problem.
The cockroaches  will eat the balls and carry them away. The bugs die at home, out of sight, and other roaches eat those carcasses and so on. The onion scent draws them in. This recipe makes about 50 balls for about 10 applications. There is one caution. Hide these bags carefully so that children and pets can't get at them.

Bay Laurel Plants That Repel Roaches

If i you ask me,i really don't think getting a plants at home can really scare away the roaches compare to others non toxic roaches Repeller such as Baking soda and Boric acid.However it can make a difrence if we compare two house that one house has Plants or  Flowers That believe can Repel Roaches or the other don't.

 Bay laurel is one of the plants that believe can repel Roaches or others insect.

Bay laurel leaves have an essential oil that is about 0.8 to 3% of volume of each leaf. The bay laurel also produces fruits and dried fruits also have up to 0.6 to 10% of essential oil by total volume,The leaves of the bay laurel or sweet laurel are commonly used in cooking ,but they may also have cockroach-repellent properties. Bay leaves contain a number of essential oils, including terpenes and eucalyptol, an ingredient in some insecticides and insect repellents.

According to Herbs 2000, this plant is traditionally used to repel insects from silos and other food storage areas. Aerias Air Quality Sciences suggests placing bay leaves in all cabinets, the pantry and on shelves to repel these insects. Fresh bay leaves tend to contain more essential oils than the dry variety, but dry leaves may be used if fresh ones are not available.

According to wiki ,Bay leaf (plural bay leaves) refers to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae). Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The leaves are often used to flavor soups, stews, braises and pâtés in Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh leaves are very mild and do not develop their full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying.

Plants & Flowers That Repel Roaches
Herbs 2000: Bay Laurel

Soda non toxic Cockroaches Control

If your apartment has Cockroaches ,there are few reason why you should control roaches to the minimum ,and one of the stronger reason is Cockroaches spread disease through infecting our food.

Baking soda and Boric Acid is probably the most well-known method to kill cockroaches. Baking soda mix with sugar is non-toxic to people and pets in small amounts.Anyway, if your house is so big or the Cockroaches is in large amount,it is recommended that you call a local pest control unit to have the problem solve.

Take action before the Cockroaches problems treating your family or workers heath.Study has proof Cockroach Can Raise Asthma.Try your best in fighting this terrible insect.

Any type of pest control treatments will not going to work without proper participle from your side,always keep your house clean and always check if there is a Cockroaches moving around take action immediately before it get into large quantity.
If you encounter Roach at you kitchen or living room,Just buy a bottle of boric acid at your local hardware store or drug store, and then follow the instructions found on the package to apply the proper pest control treatment

It is recommended that you use non toxic solution and you can DIY your very own unique pest control solution for your own use.

There must be a way for us to get rid of this type of pest ,insect problems, and one helpful tips is to uses soda to kill cockroaches,via baking soda resume. To kill roaches with baking soda, just mix equal parts of sugar and baking soda and place on a small paper plate on the floor or under the sink, and then wait. The cockroaches show up for dinner dying for a sweet treat and they leave the dinner – gone!

This next all-natural treatment will execute the yucky creepy crawlers that roach around the house and you might have a little fun, too. Put some soapy water into a empty spray bottle [do not shake], and then when a roach runs into range – blast a couple of soapy streams directly soaking the body of the bug in its tracks.

The soapy water will instantly start attacking the weaknesses of the roach’s body armor, and then killing the roach within a few minutes. Just be sure to scoop up all dead or dying bugs and disposing of the dead bodies in the trash or by throwing them out into the yard.

Why They Are So Many Cockroaches

Do you know what kind of roachces that running all over your places at your kitchen,lving hall?If you live in Asia ,you house most likely full of Oriental Cockroaches.

The adult Cockroach is about 20-24mm (1.25 inches) long with dark brown or black in colour at body amd leg,long whip-like segmented antennae,male wings can reach 3/4 down length of body,it can climb almost any surface,rough but not smooth surfaces.

Wondering why they are so many Cockroaches even you have killed plenty of them using diffrence methods ?Well for the process of generate new genaration ,they produces 5 egg capsules at monthly intervals,each capsule contains up to 16 eggs and are usually cemented to a surface.It mean one Cockroach will produces 80 (5 capsules x 16 eggs) samll Cockroaches on a monthty basic..That 80 times multiply.

Oriental Cockroach life cycle is a about live approx 4-5 months and can live up to years depend on the food supply.

The lifespan of a cockroach depends greatly on the species, with some living a matter of months, and others surviving for years. Here are some of the most common species and their lifespans:
German cockroach - These generally live for about 3 to 4 mouths.
American cockroach - These can live anywhere from 1 to 2 years.
Oriental cockroach - The lifespan of these cockroaches is normally about a year.
Surinamcockroach - These cockroaches also live for a year, give or take a month or two.
Madeira cockroach - This species generally live for no more than 2 years.
Brown-banded cockroach - The lifespan of this species is around 6 months.
Madagascan hissing cockroach - These will generally live for about 18 months.
Giant Burrowing cockroach - Live in Queensland and they can live for up to 10 years.

Nymphs emerge 6-12 weeks later and go through 7-10 moults before reaching adulthood,from roache egg to adulthood takes 10-24 months depending on temperature and food supply