Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fast Kill cockroaches At Home

Tried many products to kill cockroaches but without great succes?There are several ways to kill cockroaches, first you must avoid the dirt (you need to know they like dirt), then you can use chemicals (there are several on the market ) or you can make traps, sticky traps dormice example, the cockroach trap ...

To get rid of cockroaches I suggest you create a home made formula or recipe for your health saveth ,a low lost and radical solutiom on killing cockroaches.

To do so you must be willing to spend some time on trail and error ,you will get good result after many times testing.So let grt started ,you need to mashed with a potato add an egg yolk and stir the boric acid (purchased in a pharmacy and does not cost 1 euro).  Then you simply make small balls and to a dispatcher can around the house especially in the kitchen and under furniture. .

It is one of the safer way to get rid of  cockroaches,it's don't harm and it's not dangerous to health or to domestic animals. I would advise you to make few of this tricks before going anywhere on vacation.

If you really hate those cockroaches ,you need fast result ,other solution that does not cost lot of money in reducing the populatiopn of cockroaches is to prepare the poison yourself, you only need borax, flour and sugar, take a teaspoonful of borax, a teaspoon flour and a spoonful of sugar, mix well, then put on a plate (with a few things they love like a scrap of bread or rice for trapping ...), put the dish where you are sure that if they pass is a real poison that kills (even cats and dogs ...).


  1. Anonymous6/2/11

    The cockroach out mostly at night to feed, so We must avoid trailing of crumbs and other food scraps in the evening on the table, can attract them.

  2. i justy think that Have cockroaches, does not necessarily mean lack of hygiene.To make them disappear at minimun cost, simply pick up a bottle thunner, place the contents of a cap in boiling water, and spray the floor, walls, cabinets, or all assumed their access their nest.. Do this at night, these cockroaches travel at night. And they will be completely removed Good luck.

  3. These little living things past 400 million years and has survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and Nakazaky during the second world war ,so good luck to everyone who tried to exterminate them.

  4. Anonymous15/1/12

    drop 2 what is thunner and where can i get it from?

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