Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cockroaches Control expert gecko

Any others non toxic,organic way to reduced the population of insect especially cockroaches at your house?Instead of finding pest control unit spending money to get the problems solve,any others cost effective way to solve the pest problems?

If you are not afraid of reptile,you can get yourself a gecko, which is a kind of lizard ,get one at your room or house,(i not suggest you get one at your office) just  let it run free in your house,gecko will eat all the roaches it can handle cause the little fellers just love them as a tasty snack..

I know this might sound terrible for some people,a lizard run freely all over a house, but it does worked.Many people getting amazing results compare to others non toxic way to get rid of roaches. Get a gecko at your local pet store ,again i warmed that it's a kind of lizard,keep away from child, get one and all you have to do is let it loose in the house.

The natural food chain process will do the rest for you, the gecko eats the roaches and there you have it.The non toxic way to kill roaches at home.

The gecko will most likely start to hang out in the open more as the population of roaches dwindles. When they are gone, keep your gecko in an appropriate tank and feed them crickets or others pets food daily, which you can purchase at any pet store.

Geckos need to eat everyday (unlike snakes that can go prolonged periods without food). As mentioned earlier , gecko  might bother some people. So, if you don't like lizards, I suggest another approach to kill those cockroaches like baking soda or use Boric acid , and always remember if you choose gecko, as a  Cockroaches Control ,don't spray the roaches with insecticides. They shouldn't be poisoned when the gecko eats them.


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